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General Questions

1.   What does Boxit do?
A.   We are the future of on-demand personal storage.Think of us as Uber but for personal storage. No more boring and expensive solutions.
Simply put, we connect people who need extra storage space with reputable logistics companies who have spare space to offer- all through our platform!
2.   How is Boxit different from self-storage companies?
A.   Boxit is a technology platform that really puts you, the customer, in control and saves you from unnecessary expenses. With Boxit you enjoy these features:
  •   Pick-up and delivery
  •   Pay per box model
  •   Mobile app for easy management of storage
  •   Visual catalog of items stored
  •   Online payment
  •   Simpler rental plans
  •   Access to world class warehouses
  •   State-of-the-art safety and security measures
With Boxit customer can have the pickup and delivery services, whereas with self-storage customer should make the arrangements With Boxit customer can have online catalogue, and no such facility with selftorage.
3.   How do I sign up with Boxit?
A.   You can log on to to sign up.
if you need any help log on to for live chat support or mail us at
4.   If I have trouble using the Boxit app, what should I do?
A.   Please contact or Live chat.
5.   What if I don't have a smartphone?
A.   No smartphone, don’t worry. You can log on to and still use our services. Our Web app provides all the features for you to manage your storage online.
6.   What are customer support timings?
A.   Our live chat support is accessible from 9am to 6pm (Sunday – Thursday)

Our e-mail support,, will reply to you within 24 hours.
7.   Can I place an order through a phone call?
A.   No, we do not accept orders via phone. You can download our iOS or Android app or log on to and order your boxes.
if you need any help live chat or mail us at
8.   What are the documents that I need for placing my order?
A.   You do not need any document while placing an order. However, when our delivery partner delivers the boxes, you have to provide a copy of your passport or any other government approved identity document for personal proof.

Billing and Rates

1.   How does Boxit’s pricing work?
A.   We provide you with clear pricing. We charge you a monthly rental for each item.
2.   What is the rent of a box?
A.   Prices vary from city to city. You may please look at our pricing page or sign up using our mobile or web app to get the complete pricing.
3.   When does my billing start?
A.   Billing starts from the day we pickup your items.
4.   When do I make the payment?
A.   You can make the payment online after the placing the order or by paying cash when the ordered boxes are delivered to your door or picked up from you. We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in AED/KD
5.   How do I make the payment?
A.   You can choose any one of the three options to make the payment.
  • a.   Online payment
  • b.   Cash on delivery
  • c.   Bitcoin (coming soon)
6.   What are the delivery charges?
A.   The charges vary from city to city. Please refer to our home page or log on to either the mobile or web app to get more details.
7.   What are the pick-up charges?
A.   The charges vary from city to city. Please refer to our home page or log on to either the mobile or web app to get more details.
8.   How does cash on delivery work?
A.   You can hand over the cash against the total invoice to the delivery team when they drop of the empty boxes to you or pickup items from you.
9.   What is the minimum number of boxes that I can order?
A.   Your first order is minimum 3 boxes. Any subsequent order can be 1 box.
10.  What is the minimum duration of the contract?
A.   It’s a subscription model and minimum is 1 month. You can continue as long as your want.
11.   How do I update my billing and contact information?
A.   You can update your billing and contact details by visiting the ‘Edit Profile’ page.


1.   What are the dimensions of the box?
A.   The dimensions of the box are 60 cm x 40 cm x 38 c, which is approximately 3 cubic feet in volume.
2.   What are the items that I can or cannot store with Boxit?
A.   You can store everything that can fit in to our box except perishable items, hazardous materials, liquids, gas, glass, fragile items, explosives, flammable materials, and all kinds of illegal substances. See our storage rules for more details on the items that you cannot store with Boxit. We will also not accept any items that violate the local government or insurance or our partner’s storage rules.
3.   Can I store items that don’t fit into Boxit’s boxes?
A.   We accept oversized items. See our pricing page for item wise pricing.Contact us at or Live chat for more details.
4.   Is there a weight limit on the boxes?
A.   Yes, we request you to limit the weight of the items to 20 kg per box. This allows for efficient handling to and from your location. If you have items that weigh more, then we recommend you to use separate boxes.
5.   Can I store in my own boxes with Boxit?
A.   Yes, we accept items stored in your own boxes.
6.   If I am busy, will you pack my items for me?
A.   Yes, we have a team for packing. Please mention if you require packing while placing the order.
7.   How do I know how many Boxit boxes I need?
A.   You can order for as many boxes as you require, and can return unused boxes, if any. We will adjust your payment if you end up not using all of them and paid full amount, the payment will be returned within 7 days (provided you furnish your bank details for an online transfer of funds).

Pickup and delivery

1.   What are the working hours for pickup and delivery?
A.   We work on all days except Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
2.   Why is the delivery team not wearing Boxit’s uniform but others?
A.   The delivery team is from our authorized last mile delivery service partner. They are full-time and verified employees of our reputable partners and will carry all the required documents related to your storage.
3.   How do I schedule a pickup or delivery?
A.   You can schedule a pickup or delivery by using the mobile app or through the website. You can choose any of our time slots for pickup or delivery. Keep in mind we only accept requests till 3:00pm for pickup or delivery on next day.
4.   How far in advance do I need to schedule pickup and delivery?
A.   You can schedule the pick up or delivery through the Boxit app 24/7, and we will execute it in the next day or as per the schedule.
5.   Will I get a confirmation or acknowledgement for the request I make in the Boxit?
A.   Yes, you will get a confirmation/acknowledgement e-mail and sms from Boxit for all requests.
6.   What is the minimum time required to get my items back?
A.   The minimum time required to get the items back is 24 hours.
7.   Will the Boxit representatives go to my basement or room to pick up my boxes?
A.   Our representatives are always ready to help you.
8.   How often can I schedule a pickup or delivery?
A.   You can schedule a pickup or delivery as per your needs. There is no limit.
9.   Do I have to be at home when your representative comes for pickup or delivery?
A.   Yes, it is a must that either you or your authorized person be there during the pick up or delivery of the boxes. Otherwise, we will not accept the request.
10.   How do I identify my boxes when they are delivered?
A.   It’s simple. Each box is assigned with a unique number. You can check if the number on the box is the same as the number in your app.
11.   Can I have my boxes delivered to a different address?
A.   Yes, you can receive the delivery of the boxes to your home or your office. If you wish to change the address, you may please do that by editing the profile. We will deliver the boxes within the city/country limit.
12.   Can I reschedule or cancel a pickup or delivery?
A.   Yes, you can do that within 48 hours. If you need any help or need urgent rescheduling, please mail your request to and we will be happy to assist you.
13.   What will happen if nobody is available at the time of delivery or pickup?
A.   You can reschedule the pickup/delivery if you know you are not going to be available. If you are running late, our representatives will wait for 5-10 minutes. If you are not available and have not rescheduled, we will charge you the delivery charges which is applicable in your location/city.
14.  What if after Boxit delivers the boxes, I send them back for storage in batches? Will there be          any additional cost for additional pick up?
A.   We request you to send all the boxes at once. Your first pick up is free of cost. However, if you decide to send the boxes in batches, you will be charged an amount equal to the delivery charge of your location.


1.   How secure are my items?
A.   We provide you with durable, high quality, water resistant plastic boxes. Each box comes with two zip ties (for both sides of the box), which is a one-way lock system. To prevent dust or insects from getting into your items, we shrink wrap your boxes before we store them.

Finally, your boxes are stored with world class warehousing partners who follow international safety and security measure.
2.   How secure is your warehouse?
A.   We have partnered with reputable logistics and warehousing companies who maintain world class facilities for multinational companies. Your items are stored in the same state-of-the-art warehouse facilities.
Following are some of the security measures:
  •   Access control
  •   CCTV cameras
  •   Infrared cameras
  •   24/7 security
  •   Smoke detectors
  •   Alarms, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers
  •   Hi-tech firefighting systems
3.   Will you open my boxes?
A.   No, we do not open your boxes. However, if any government agency, our insurance company, or our warehouse’s internal auditing team needs to check any boxes for a specific purpose or routine check-up, they may open them. This is for the overall safety of the warehouse and community.
4.   Can I visit your warehouse to deliver or pick up my boxes?
A.   No, for safety and security reasons we do not allow any customers to our partners’ warehouse. However, if there is any special need, we will consider them as per the requirements.

We want you to be in the comfort of your home and leave the headache of pickup and delivery to us.