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Let your closet come to you at the right season!

boxit box

Box Size: 60cm x 40cm x 38 cm

The box is made of 100% PP recyclable, strong and water resistant plastic.

Store seasonal items

  •  Winter cloths
  •  Boots & Shoes
  •  Sweat shirts & Jackets

Festival items

  •  Eid decorations
  •  Xmas & New year decorations
  •  Halloween costumes

Kids items

  •  Kids items, stored for the next baby
  •  Video games and gadgets during exams


  •  Wedding or birthday gifts
  •  Corporate gifts

Your school day’s stuffs

  •  Those treasured books, autographs and  photographs
  •  Memorabilia like first comic book, electronic items,  etc.


  •  Wall hangings, decorative pieces from your  travels
  •  Items that are purchased but meant for use later

Books & Magazines

  •  Used books or new ones – a personal portable  bookshelf
  •  Magazines, journals, those huge priceless stacks!

Discount Purchases

  •  Bought lots of items on a sale – store them away  with us for later use

Bags & shoes

  •  Seasonal bags or once in a while party bags
  •  We love shoes! Store away your out of season  shoes!

You could come up with lot more ideas and items to store!
Just store them away and have more space in your life!