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دائمًا ما نبحث عن أفكار ٍوحيلٍ سهلة لترتيب وتخزين الأشياء الشخصية، ومن هنا جاءت فكرة ُشركة BOXIT للتخزين، التي تسعى إلى ايجادِ طرق ٍجديدة وحلول ٍأفضل. Read more

بات التخزين الذاتي مفهومًا يفرض نفسه بقوة على السوق العربي الريادي. ساعد على ذلك ثلاث أسباب رئيسية؛ الأول: هو الثورة الرقمية التي يشهدها قطاع التجارة الإلكترونية، والتي تجعل من شراء الأغراض الجديدة مسألة لا تتطلب أكثر من نقرة زر. Read more

At Boxit, you only pay for the boxes or items you have stored, and that starts at Dh25 per month per box. Read more

Enter Boxit—a self-storage startup that is ticking all the right boxes in Kuwait, and just starting to take on the UAE market by launching in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Read more

All successful startups have their roots in a problem painful enough for people to start using the products or services the startup has to offer. The problem may not be obvious at first. Read more

Boxit’s web and app-based service allows users to order a blue storage box, schedule a pick up time, and then have it reshipped to a safe storage facility. Read more

Following an intense five month competition, which involved over 50 start-ups presenting ideas around new apps to promote the development of a Smart City, Boxit have been crowned the winners of the Dubai Smart City App Hack. Read more

ഫോര്‍ബ്സ് മാസികയുടെ മോസ്റ്റ് പ്രോമിസിങ് യു.എ.ഇ സ്റ്റാര്‍ട്ടപ് പട്ടികയില്‍ ഇടംനേടിയത് നാല്‍വര്‍ മലയാളി സംഘത്തിന് അഭിമാനമായി. 2015ല്‍ ദുബൈ സ്മാര്‍ട്ട് സിറ്റി ആപ് ഹാക് വിജയി, സീഡ് സ്റ്റാര്‍ വേള്‍ഡ് സ്റ്റാര്‍ട്ടപ് റണ്ണറപ്പ് തുടങ്ങിയ അംഗീകാരങ്ങളും തേടിയെത്തി. Read more

It was founded in July 2014. You know how sometimes there is a lot of stuff in your house or apartment that you don’t need at some time of the year? Or you bought it but you don’t use it? There comes Boxit. Read more

Kuwait’s easy storage solution Boxit has received a seed investment of $600,000 in a bid to tackle UAE and Saudi Arabian markets. Read more

“The culture of storage is happening in Kuwait,” says Premlal (who requested his surname be withheld) on a Skype call with Wamda, “as more and more Kuwaitis move [out of the family home] to apartments, there are more items to store.” Read more

We chose to invest in Boxit because it tackles a problem that is increasingly becoming evident among a youth population that is becoming increasingly urbanized and are moving away from houses into apartments. Read more

The platform positions itself between consumers and facilities, instead of providing the selfstorage spaces themselves, allowing the startup to scale quickly and focus on user experience. Read more

Boxit stores clients’ possessions in warehouses and offers them a mobile phone application to keep track of the items in a “visual catalogue”. Read more

BoxIt, a Kuwait-based startup business specializing in valet-style self-storage, launched this week with service across the Middle East nation. The Kuwait City-based operation offers a by-the-bin pay model and an online platform that allows customers to schedule free item pickup, maintain a photo catalog of belongings, and schedule home delivery of boxes.Read more

With the rise of urbanization, people are moving into smaller homes. Boxit aims to make life easier for people who are looking for extra storage space by connecting people with logistics providers who are willing to offer that space on demand. Read more

“We liked the team and their drive to achieve their goals,” said Arzan VC partner Hassan Zainal. “In addition, they understand their target customer and have a clear execution plan.” Read more

Starting out of coworking space Sirdab Lab in Kuwait, the startup rapidly grew and are now incubated at In5, a coworking space in Dubai. Read more

Offering a service that allows users to order a Boxit blue storage box through a mobile app, or the website, schedule a pick up time, and then have them reshipped to a safe storage facility, the startup launched in 2015. Read more

The good people at will offer you the simple solution of ‘boxing’ it! Eight months ago, Co-Founder and CEO of Boxit Premlal P.K faced a very similar conundrum. Read more

Valet-style service where customers can simply use a mobile app to order their boxes, arrange for pickup and delivery, and even create a ‘visual catalogue’ of their belongings in order to digitize their storage system. Read more

Despite the fact that the app has yet to be launched to the public, Premlal and his cofounders are making big plans for the future. And why not? If self-storage follows the meteoric trajectory of other American exports, like car culture and hamburgers in the Gulf, BoxIt will be onto something big.Read more